Your Food Sourcing Solution

Big Daddy Foods offers restaurants and institutions reliable food sourcing solutions, so you can serve consistent, quality products to those gathered at your tables.

Over 200 Years of Experience

Your sourcing experts with the experience and the network to back it up.

We were born into the business… and we know everyone.


Over 10-Million Pounds of Product

Big Daddy Foods produces over ten-million pounds of custom-packed poultry, processed to our foodservice and industrial customer’s specifications, including chicken breasts, wings, tenderloins, and more.

While our roots are in the poultry industry, we understand that you have more to offer, and so do we!

If you need it, we have the source to keep your kitchen stocked with it.

Tracking down the products you need in order to feed the people that matter most to your organization can be overwhelming. You deserve a holistic food sourcing solution that takes the guesswork out of procurement.

Needing a certain product size?

Custom product sizing and grading is available!

“You can tell the quality of our company by the customers we keep.”

Big Daddy Foods

Big Daddy Foods is proud to work with some of the biggest names in the food industry.

While these relationships may have started as business partnerships, all of them are now considered friends and family to us.