Big Daddy Foods produces over ten-million pounds of custom packed poultry, processed to our foodservice and industrial customer’s specifications, including chicken breast, wings, tenderloins, and more.

Need something else with your poultry?  No problem.  We have more Beefs than a reality show. In addition to our poultry and beef business, Big Daddy Foods also packs Pork Chops, Party Wings and Pork Tenderloins, breaded and raw, under our Big Daddy and Caroline Farms Brands for retail.

What size do you need?  We offer many different packs like 4/10 or 8/5 flat pack or IQF. Regarding grading and sizing—we can be just as precise as you need.

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Over the years, many of our clients have said that we are non-salaried employees on their payroll.  We can provide you with the best product to suit your needs as well as help you with many other steps in the process to increase your sales and lower your bottom line.



“You can tell the quality of our company by the customers we keep.”
—Larry Merrill, Sr.
Big Daddy Foods is proud to work with some of the biggest names in the food service industry.  While all of these relationships have started over business, all of them are now considered friends and family to us.  The only difference is, we always answer the phone when this side of the family calls….