Big Daddy Foods is into foodservice products like Restaurant size, special pack chicken wings, tenderloins, portioned boneless breast, IQF leg quarters, portioned fish fillets, we are into retail products like Big Daddy Pork Chops, Caroline Farms Breaded Chicken Tenderloins and Big Daddy Party Wings and Tenderloins. Our Food Bank and Institutional division has a multitude of products like- 1 lb. Ground Beef, Ground Turkey and Ground Chicken chubs; dairy products, butter, margarine and cheeses; consumer size (15oz.) cans of fruits, vegetables, pastas; Cereals, corn Flakes, Special Bran Flakes, Multi Grain Noonies Natural, Oatmeal etc.; Laundry detergents, Bathroom Tissue. Institutional sizes like 50 lb. Rice, Flour, Sugar, 20 lb. Rotini, Spaghetti, Elbow Macaroni and all dry beans.